Open para || One, two, three, down

Quickly he grabbed his coat and threw it on, heading out the door. There wasn’t anywhere in particular he was headed but he couldn’t stay in his room. It had begun to get stuffy, like he was suffocating  Swiftly he walked through the halls, keeping his head down as he did so. It wasn’t long before he burst through the front door of the school. Immediately the cold air bit at his uncovered skin and sent small bumps up the length of his arms. Still Aladdin kept on walking, pausing only momentarily to see if the fresh air would help. Not luck. Before he knew it he was in the city, the streets mostly empty now, only a few people scattered here and there. He wasn’t sure where he was, everything was…disoriented. Nothing made sense, he couldn’t think straight or even concentrate on trying to think. 

It had been like this all day, not dying for a minute. He’d generally been avoiding people all day. His head was pounding. He could almost here it thumping. The pain was worse though. He’d been taking all the painkillers he could get his hands on but nothing had been working. For the past few hours his relentless headache had turned into constant, searing pain. The pain itself was almost blinding, every little light felt like it was burning into the deepest depths of his soul, slowly killing him. Al didn’t know what was wrong, nothing like this had ever happened to him before. He’d thought it was just a headache, he thought it would pass. Yet still he continued to walk, hoping and praying that somehow it would just disappear. That wasn’t the case. In fact, that wasn’t the case at all. One minute he was up, walking, trying to break through the pain that was coursing through his head into some small sense of what was happening around him, and the next, nothing. Before that his vision had started to become spotted and blurry. Finding his way to the other side of the sidewalk he reached out, propping himself on the wall taking a few deep breaths and trying to find some source of stability. His hand grasped the side of his head and his eyes shut tightly. “You’re fine. You’re fine, Aladdin. Just breathe. Deep breaths, one, two thre-“ The noises that were surrounding him started to become one big integrated jumble and just like that everything went dark. Aladdin blacked out, falling to the sidewalk below him, his head smashing against it.

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